Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tai's Kimono Dress

This my Kimono dress! I am so happy with how it came out, especially since I drafted the pattern for it myself. All I've done before was making myself a basic bodice sloper.And when I tried my hand at this kimono dress I was so surprised by how easy it was. 
     I did my research and looked at a lot of pictures of the styles of kimono dresses I liked. I wanted to make one without having to buy a pattern but, there were no free patterns or tutorials that I could find for the dress I wanted.
     So...I figured I could just make my own pattern. I sketched out my basic idea.
Here is my sketch next to the fabric I bought specifically for this dress, for only $2 a yard at

Then I took my measurements.
shoulder to where i wanted the sleeves to end on my arm = 9 in
armpit to shoulder = 12 in
each shoulder across to center of bust = 14 in
skirt length = 24 in
I drafted a pattern and used two large pieces of paper and lined them up. This is how it looked. 
I tested the pattern on an old bed sheet that was similar in drape to the fabric I purchased Here are my two pieces laid out flat.
 When they are folded they become the basic shape for the top of the dress.I used tape and tried on this version first to make sure it fit
Then I used these fabric pieces to cut out my fashion fabric.
 I just overlapped the center and sewed it in place then I did the same for the back and sewed up a couple of inches on each side of the rectangles to create the kimono sleeves. 
Then I attached the skirt made my belt and belt loops and voila! I had myself a Kimono dress!

This is my favorite project so far because it was so easy and the result looks so polished and professional. I never thought I would've been able to make something like this when i started sewing. This dress is truly completely my own, and I am proud that I made it! I'm waiting on the perfect ocassion to wear it out, maybe on a dinner date with my hubby.... ..
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  1. You are ambitious! It looks so great!

  2. Thank you very much!
    yeah I tend to be ambitious when it comes to my sewing projects!

  3. This is such a good idea and it's so flattering on you! Great job! -R (Distinct.Style.Innovation / Giveaway ends tomorrow!)

  4. I am so impressed that you even made the pattern for this dress. It turned out great!

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  6. Thank you Paula i'm glad to be inspiring thats very flattering!
    Meagan I was surprised I pulled it off! lol
    Cathy thank you! I think I would like to sell some of my designs in the future!